We Went Solar!

One of the biggest challenges of the twenty-first century is to limit humanity’s carbon footprint in the world. While a lot of us couldn’t agree more, not everyone knows how to exactly help in this cause. I own a bar and I would not exactly say that I am completely informed on the matter. The only thing I really know is that I had to increase the flood guards of the bar almost every year. Something is changing for the worse and I would not feel comfortable at all not doing anything.

The first thought that came to mind was to try and recycle all the cups and bottles that we use but with how little my operation is, I would probably do more harm than good. My next option was to limit the bar’s reliance on coal and other fuels that spew carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. It is too bad that our state, and country for that matter, has not banned fossil fuel yet for electricity generation but I knew there was still something that I could do and so I did.

My great solution was to install solar panels as reserve power, or even perhaps become the main source in the future. I had to close the bar for a few days, but I really did not know how much benefit I would gain from owning my own power source. 

A few weeks later a major storm hit and we did not have to close the bar when power was out since the reserve power source was set up. While all of the nearby bars and restaurants lost power, our frozen food would not have to go to waste, like theirs. Luckily, one of our loyal customers owns a solar panel installation company and hooked us up. We’re proud to say that we’re reducing our footprint, while also safeguarding our business at the same time. 

Reminiscing the Story of the Tow Truck Genius

Throughout the years, we enjoyed our patron’s company. We may no longer be around, however we oftentimes think back to the great times that we had. While our job was to serve you, we thoroughly appreciated all the conversations. After closing our doors all that we have now are fond memories. To all of our regulars, you’re like family to us! 

That said, we’d like to remember a few of our frequent guests. In the coming months we’ll be highlighting our favorite characters. We call them that, because they know they are and love them for being just that! 

Today, we’d like to remember our buddy, Cliff. Cliff would show up at least three times a week and frankly, held down the bar! He’d always welcome new guests with open arms. If anybody had an “in” at the bar, it was definitely him and he was proud of it. After a long day at work (I think he worked for a tow company in Kearny), he always shared his “stories of the week.”

Most of the time, these would be about his top interactions of all of his favorite customers of the week. Kind of like an Uber driver, a tow truck driver meets a lot of new, random people with every service call. We always enjoyed those stories. Cliff was always able to recognize, just why certain customers came into his life. There’s an old saying that “everyone comes into your life for a reason” and Cliff always set out to discover why. Every story that he shared with us had impactful meaning for anyone that listened. 

Cliff always enjoyed his job. He rarely talked about a bad customer. And when he did have one, he understood why they were in his life at the moment and what they were going to teach him. Now even though Cliff was a regular, we know that he loved our spot for wonder friendships and interactions. To this day, he’s still a social butterfly, however nowadays, he’s retired in Florida, enjoying Jimmy Buffet and the beach life. 

We salute you, Cliff! Thank you for all your business and most importantly your friendship and those epic stories. Now, whenever we see a tow truck nearby, we cannot help but think of you as probably the friendlies tow truck driver in eternity.